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A Quivering Happiness

A Quivering Happiness.

This is story of Biplab, a boy born in a slum of city of Kolkata, raised single-handedly by his poor illiterate mother, an abandoned wife of a mason, who went to Mumbai in search of better job, never to come back. The boy grows up in abject poverty but his Love for books and zeal of learning opens up a whole new world that is full of possibilities. The bookworm, naive boy, in a twist of destiny falls in love with Poree, a beautiful daughter of shrewd politician, and discovers the joy of love. But the class divide proves to be an invincible barrier, and the boy suffers heartbreak when he becomes a victim of a heinous conspiracy that sends him to jail, and his sweetheart is married off. But his unflinching eagerness to fight all the odds finally wins when he clears the civil service exam that would end his days of hardship. Rehana, a docile girl, who had been his colleague in his struggling days, who admired him silently, now confesses her love. Meanwhile Poree returns to her parent`s house when her marriage fails and traces Biplab out in a faraway town where he is now posted. The boy, torn between his first love and the present one is at a loss. Will he betroth demure, accommodating Rehana or gorgeous Poree will reclaim him.