Debashis Deb is a laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon, trained at AIIMS, New Delhi and taught Surgery till 2010.

His passion for writing which was a hobby to begin with, has now turned into a religion almost and every evening, once he is back from clinic, one would find him disappear with a mug of black coffee and the laptop into his new-found world where words instead of knife rule.

His stories have been published in Muse India, Literary Yard and a few more magazines, and a story of his has been published as a part of an anthology called “ Vengeance: a sting in every tale” – an ebook published by a writer`s group called ‘WRIMO INDIA’. He has recently attended UEA writer`s workshop for fiction mentored by Amit Choudhury, professor of contemporary literature at University of East Anglia, Norwich. His debut novel, "A Quivering Happiness" has been formally released during Kolkata International Book Fair, 2017.